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You need to update your app, but your developer has moved on...

Maybe it's a website. Maybe it's a mobile app. Either way, it's your app, and it's out there, on the web or in the App Store.

But there's a problem. You need to update it. Or to fix it. Or to add some new features. But you can't, because the developers that built it aren't around anymore.

You need to find someone who can step up and take over the ongoing development duties for your application. Preferably yesterday.

How do you find the right developer?

You could put an ad on Craigslist - "Need Developer To Maintain Awesome Application". Within a day, you'll get 143 responses. Most of them will be automated responses from companies who never actually read your ad. Maybe 5 responses look credible enough to be worth considering.

But you're not a geek. How do you know who's qualified, and who's shoveling a load of...technobabble?

You could go the other extreme and hire that large consulting firm - the one with the sleek website who lists Pepsi and Paypal on their client list. And they'll certainly be able to maintain your app. But they're not interested in working with someone else's code, so their advice is to start over, so they can build it for you "the right way."

And that first invoice is going to show you that the "right way" is really, really costly.

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a responsible, knowledgable developer who will work with your existing code, making changes only when they're really necessary? Someone you can trust to act more like a curator than a demolition team? Someone you can trust with your app's future?

A trusted guide

Hi, I'm John Moody, the guy behind MentalVelocity. For the past 20 years, I've helped organizations like yours by turning awesome ideas into awesome software applications. I've worked with Internet startups, established companies, non-profits and government agencies at all levels.

And in the process, I've taken over projects with lots of existing code. I know how to build on someone else's foundation.

My clients constantly tell me how much they appreciate the way I communicate technical information in non-technical language, which is pretty rare among people in the software development business. I'll make sure you always understand what you're getting. I'm bilingual - I'm fluent in Geek and Non-Geek!

John Moody, the guy behind MentalVelocity, and his son Nate

That's me and my son Nate outside of Safeco Field, about to experience Nate's first Mariners game. (They lost. As usual.)

Our clients say...

"When we decided to redesign TGC's website, we knew we needed to rebuild our resource library to make it easier for users to find what they were looking for. MentalVelocity helped us navigate the technical hurdles we faced, listened to our needs and wishes, and kept us in the loop throughout the development process. Best of all, MentalVelocity delivered a cost-effective solution that is much more powerful and useful than what we had before."

Ben Peays
Executive Director
The Gospel Coalition

A proven process

When you bring your app to MentalVelocity, I don't just sit down and start going through the codebase. Rather, the first thing I do is listen. I want to know exactly what pain you're trying to solve with the app. I want to understand your needs, your budget, and your target market.

Then I'll take the time to do a thorough analysis of the existing code, so I know how best to extend it to meet your new requirements.

Throughout the development process, I'll stay in constant contact with you - at least once every week. You'll know exactly where the project stands, so we can make adjustments as necessary.

What technologies are covered?

One of the first things I do is determine which technologies your app uses. If your app uses a technology that I don't support, I'll do my best to help you find another developer who can help you. Here are some of the technologies I support:

  • For Web applications, I use Ruby on Rails and Javascript.
  • I use PostgreSQL, mySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • For really large cloud data warehouses, I rely on Amazon Redshift.
  • For searching and indexing of data on the fly, I use ElasticSearch and Solr.
  • For mobile app development, RubyMotion is my go-to solution.

Let's talk about your app.

My development schedule fills up quickly, and I don't want you to have to wait to start the process of getting your app where you want it to be.

Simply email me at or call me directly at 360-941-5218.

I look forward to speaking with you!

- John